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This man whom seemingly have a manner that is nice several times a week

He buys in for approx. $17-30 k. Bets approx. $500-2000 hand. Will sometimes bet the side that is terrible of “matching the dealer ” plays just two footwear. Profit or lose extremely generously recommendations the dealer frequently $500
for approx. thirty minutes of work. He claims which he’s been winning at blackjack..his just source of earnings..for days gone by 9 years. Him how he can do that w/o counting he blew me off saying he wasn’t going to debate me about whether counting was the only way to win at bj.

Obviously with his buy ins and bets he made alot of money previous to his blackjack days.

Anyone when I asked familiar with this guy and would like to comment ?

He is YouTube famous. He makes all his money from YouTube views. He then uses that to gamble and put his Chanel on, which gets him more views.

He most likely makes $25,000+ a between YouTube, Online Casino affiliate percentages, donations and product sales.(*)ZCore13(*)I month am an employee of a Casino. Former Table Games Director,, current Pit Supervisor. All the opinions that are personal post are my very own plus don’t express the viewpoints for the Casino or Tribe that I work with.(*)

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