Wynn Resorts Opens COVID-19 Testing Lab

In business, the “survival of the fittest” ideology means that an entity can adapt to almost every situation — fit into it and find its role. Businesses must be able to evolve and innovate to continue to thrive. It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has messed up the plans of many industries around the world.

The gambling industry is no exception, having lost billions of dollars in revenue after casinos were instructed to shut down their doors for some time to combat the spread of the virus. But now, many casinos are finding new ways to generate revenue, even if they expand outside their industry, and Wynn Resorts is one such company that took action in that way.

While the casino industry took a significant blow, Wynn’s CEO, Matt Maddox, came up with an idea to help Wynn Resorts get back on their feet. Right now, Wynn Resorts has expanded to be not only an entertainment company but also a COVID-19 testing center.

By providing a testing center, Maddox hopes to provide a safe area for Las Vegas area residents to test for the disease, while also familiarizing themselves with the Wynn Resort brand.

Wynn Partners with University Medical Center of Southern Nevada

Maddox wrote a piece for The Nevada Independent, where he explained the reasoning behind taking such action. He began by announcing that Wynn Resorts had joined forces with the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada to turn its property into a testing center.

Moreover, he stated that the facility will be able to test thousands of patients daily, and that those patients would be able to receive results on the same day. In addition, Maddox revealed that the costs of being tested in the new Wynn Resorts facility would be much lower compared to everywhere else in the U.S.

Maddox said that the UMC/Wynn laboratory would offer “the most sensitive and accurate test available in the US.” He also added that the tests would be conducted using the “gold standard” PCR technology approved by the FDA. He was very optimistic about the new idea, promising that the laboratory would be finished before Thanksgiving.

Finally, Maddox reiterated that according to extensive research, people weren’t afraid of casinos not being cleaned properly. Instead, they were fearful of coming into contact with other people. Maddox realized making this move was necessary to both better the profit margins and increase public health and confidence in Wynn’s image.

The number of people infected by COVID-19 continues to rise in Nevada, with approximately 80,500 active cases at the moment. However, that number may have some variance, as new cases are being identified daily, and no tests are 100% accurate. The good news is that most of Nevada’s COVID-19 patients managed to recover, with a total of 73,416 people being successfully treated so far.

If you do choose to go to casinos that are open in limited or restricted capacities, please remember to maintain appropriate social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands.

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