There’s a little group of scoundrels making their way to
your device’s screen, and not only are they quirky in their
appearance, but they’re also professionals at making sure you get the cash
prizes you went looking for. They’re called the Woonsters, and their game goes by the
same name. This is one of the few three reel online slots that get released
every month, so if you like games to be as simple in mechanics as possible,
then this could be just the game for you. With the release date of Woonsters
approaching there isn’t too much known, but there are a few details we can
share, so let’s take a spin through this featured slot.

The studio that put their thinking caps together for Woonsters is Greentube, which is probably better known as Novomatic. This corporation has been around for decades and has conceptualised more online casino games than we would care to count. Here, they’ve decided to release a three reel slot machine online, which isn’t the kind of reel system that gets players hopping with excitement. However, it’s the win opportunities that count, and not the number of online slots reels. Greentube isn’t too bad when it comes to graphics, which you’ll have seen if you’ve played Sparkling Fruit and Feather Frenzy. There must have been quite a lot of time spent creating Woonsters, as you’ll notice that the monster characters are quite detailed. However, it is a little confusing that they haven’t been used as symbols.

As it stands, it still isn’t known what the wagering
window will be. The standard in the industry at the moment stands around 10p as
a minimum bet, and £20 as a
maximum bet. But this doesn’t mean anything when studios choose their limits.
In fact, as this is a three reel spinner, the limits could probably be slightly
unique. What is known is that the volatility of Woonsters will be relatively
low, possibly bordering on medium volatility. This means that wins will be
easier than usual to come by, although the winning combinations will likely be
worth less than if it was a high volatility title.

Feature Symbols

As mentioned earlier in the review, the goofy little
monsters haven’t been used as symbols in Woonsters, which is strange
as they are the Woonsters. Instead, what we have as the spinning icons is a
selection of fruit. There’s lemons, cherries, strawberries and oranges. The
fruit makes up the selection of lower value symbols, while the icons that are
worth more bells, green 777, red 777 and blue 777. You can also achieve a win
by landing a selection of different colour triple 7s.

So, it isn’t entirely true that the monsters aren’t used as
symbols, because they are when it comes to bonus features.

Bonuses and Jackpots

One thing that must be said about Woonsters is that it
has a monstrous number of bonus features, all of which are a little different
from the other. There are also some neat features such as nudges, which allow
you to move the reel just a little further in rotation for a possible win. All
the monsters in the game also have their own feature that results in cash
prizes. All the features are also quite interactive, so it adds another
dimension to a category of online casino games that can often be quite

There’s a random feature called More Money which
triggers at random to award you respins, while there’s also a free
spins feature with up to 15 free spins available.

Play Woonsters at PartyCasino

By the looks of it, Woonsters is going to be quite a popular
title, simply because it has all the entertainment that players are looking for
in abundance. We weren’t exaggerating when we said there’s a load of bonus
features. While they all are the same in that you can earn cash prizes in them,
it must have taken a lot of effort and creativity from Greentube to put
Woonsters together. If three reel slot machines online are your thing, then try
this spinner out for size.

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