william hill sports lounge live studio

The new “Sports Lounge” studio sort of takes us full circle with the William Hill Live Casino.

The dedicated live studios have undergone a number of makeovers since 2019. Primarily, these involved removing the themed tables and replacing them with more generic and serious-looking tables in the famous, but rather dark blue, William Hill colours.

The new Sports Lounge bucks this trend. We’ve been given a sporting environment, with TV Screens in a themed Sports Bar. With the mandatory exposed brick walls and sporting memorabilia dotted around, it gives out a nice comfortable feeling.

The colour pallet is more modern, with lighter coloured tables, making the whole environment feel light, airy and quite honestly a more inviting set of tables to play on.

While you’d expect Roulette and Blackjack to be given centre stage, William Hill has also added a couple of Blackjack variants to the standard seven-seat option.

Infinite Blackjack offers an unlimited number of players the chance to play at the same time, while seven-seat Speed Blackjack is not for the faint heart, aimed at players that have a need for speed.

Casino Hold’em has also been given its own sports table. This is the most popular poker variant of all of evolution poker games – but doesn’t come with the Progressive Jackpot. That can be found on the general play Casino Hold’em table.

I really like what William Hill has done, and while “themed” areas are generally time-bound – they come and go as trends change, I get the feeling the Sports lounge will be sticking around for a while.

William Hill Sports Seven Seat Blackjack

The table is open daily from 13:00.

William Hill Sports Infinite Blackjack

William Hill Sports Speed Blackjack

The table is open daily from 13:00.

William Hill Sports Roulette

William Hill Sports Casino Hold’em

I’d encourage you to take a look at the tables at William Hill. They have really great ongoing live casino promotions (I’m not just saying that – they really do!).


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