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Hi . Is it just me or is anyone els think that william hill online poker is just a joke ive been playing there since 2017 started ok then things just started getting bad . bad beats endless countless times . 2021 no joke iam getting thrashed like a mother 90% of the time iam getting smashed on river cards when iam winning all streets till river comes it goes pete tong every single game bboards pair on river to beat me up players hit there flushed n bigger fh etc . iam at the brink of really going of my head and want to just kill the people of william hill its that bad even my partner sees this happining far to often every game near enough ive had enough. ever since i asked for my hand history they sent me one months worth jan 2021 to feb 2021 they told me they cant seem to find my hand history this seems rather fishy . ever since i complained to them ive lost every single game i play . my name on there is NITSYBULL iam no pro player but this endless bad run or its rigged rng or what ever people call it its never ending. check my name on sharck scope loss after loss tourney after tourny. even couple times ive been in the money 3 people left the sites kickes me out cant log on etc return to table iam out in 3rd when i was way chips leader this has happened a few times now. iam really really sic of it.



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