Will Fans Be Able To Attend The 2021 Tokyo Olympics?

As sports leagues in North America continue to struggle with the inclusion or exclusion of fans to their games due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of spectators being able to attend the 2021 Tokyo Olympics has been raised and oddsmakers are hinting fans will be able to attend the Summer games.

According to the latest Tokyo Olympics betting odds, online sportsbook Bovada has released a new betting prop for whether the 2021 Olympics will take place with spectators with the “Yes” option at -600 (86.7 percent implied probability) with “No” coming back at +350 (22.2 percent implied probability).

This is American odds and, for new bettors, it means you would need to bet $600 to win $100 in profit if you believe spectators will be in attendance for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. If you think “No” and you bet $100, you’d win $350 in profit if no fans go to Japan.

Will Fans Attend The Tokyo Olympics?

Will the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Take Place with Spectators?
Option Odds
Yes -600
No +350

Odds As of January 11 from Bovada

Why Spectators Are Expected To Attend 2021 Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics betting was/is a bit unconventional this time around as the games were supposed to be held in 2020 and were postponed to the Summer of 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A lot of bettors who had Olympics futures bets such as the country with the top medal count, the country with the most gold medals, or winners for specific events had to be refunded from their sportsbooks, which really took down the momentum for what is usually an incredible celebration of sport.

While oddsmakers seem confident in setting a betting line at -600 for spectators to be in attendance, bettors can’t look at these Tokyo Olympics betting odds as if it’s a lock. The main reason is still the unpredictability of Covid-19 cases in Japan along with how it’s being handled worldwide since this is the largest global sporting event in the world and this pandemic isn’t just affecting only Japan.

The positive spin is vaccines have started to be administered to at least combat the spread of the virus and should expedite the possibility of fans being able to attend sporting events. A lot can change in six months but at this point, recent trends point to fans making their way to Tokyo and supporting their country’s athletes in a quest for the gold medal.

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