Why Famous Football Stars Like to Compete in Poker


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It’s not so surprising that many pro football players, who you regularly see on the ground of the international leagues, love to play poker in their leisure time.

A great number of football stars are playing poker in their free time. However, other professionals choose poker as a profession after their retirement.

Many poker and football professionals even use their strategies and skills by playing at different charity tournaments organized by non-profit organizations like World Poker Tour. WTP has braced generosity for many years by bringing together many of the poker professionals, sports celebs, and TV stars to support these brilliant programs. To know more about these special poker events by visiting Beastsofpoker.com.

However, The main question is why they love to compete at poker tables?

Well undoubtedly, our first answer would be the casino experience. The majority of stars have got chance to spend their time in luxurious Las Vegas casinos. And honestly – this is the dream of most of us. Luckily, with the rise in technology, we can now feel that experience in live online casinos.

Over the decades, some well-known stars have played poker professionally, let’s have a quick look at what top footballers said about poker.

cristiano ronaldo locker

Portuguese Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most popular football celebrities in the world has stated that poker “gives him joy, excitement, and thrill”. In 2015 he became an ambassador for the world’s largest online poker room “PokerStars”,

In an interview, the Portuguese soccer player explained why he loves playing poker:

“I like to play poker. It’s a fantastic game to play with friends and with everyone. I like competing, strategy and entertainment. I look forward to bringing my game to the online and live poker tables and meeting my fans directly. Even though football is my first love, but poker has always been my game.

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr said in an interview, “When I’m not playing on the football ground, I love playing cards. Competing with competitors and with friends at the table is my huge passion, I love the fun, excitement, and fantastic moments that can happen in any game. As a true fan of poker, I am very excited to start a new journey with PokerStars.

In actual fact, the main reasons why these famous professionals like to play poker are listed in this article! Regardless of whether enjoying a good game night with friends and other top players, to raise funds for a special reason. Poker seems to be a good solution for those footballers who are passionate about the game and career.

Undoubtedly, it became clear that football and poker are not that different at all and it doesn’t seem so surprised that many big names from both sides are the same.

Furthermore, strategy and purpose are the same in both poker and football. Both types of games need a high level of strategic skill and require a lot of potentials. Professional footballers who are seen kicking in big fields are adopting poker as their career. So it’s no wonder to see some famous players extremely playing comfortably at famous poker events.

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