Whats my lossrate

Sorry if this is annoying but seems this sub has few posts per day anyway.

I am a semi pro poker player who likes drinking/blowing off steam like many people every now and then and was in a city with a super early last call and a casino with a much later last call for whatever reason.

I prefer playing 1/2 or craps when just getting free drinks and have estimated 10 dollar pass line craps is around 10 dollars an hour. Unfortunately this casino didn’t have craps or poker bc covid but 3 to 2 blackjack with S17 and early late surrender. Min bet 25 dollars. Not counting just minbetting whole time. My buddy was standing behind me telling me basic strat when I wasn’t sure. In this game what’s the EV? We got 2 decent IPAs/20 mins if it means anything.

Edit: sorry meant late surrender

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