What would be your betting strategy in this scenario?

OK so this is all hypothetical for now but lets say you are one of those old-school, pre-2017 cryptocurrency geeks who is sitting on a decent amount of ethereum

No one wants to lose any ethereum but if you lost one or two gambling it isn’t the end of the world…. after all, it is just fake computer money, right? You just want to have some fun for a little while and knock out a little profit rather than leave in the hole.

After months of playing blackjack training apps on your phone while pooping at work, you’ve memorized perfect basic strategy (plus keep the cheat sheet near by) and counting isn’t an option.

So you find a trustworthy online site that offers single-deck blackjack that pays 3:2

The game has a minimum bet of 0.01 eth and a max bet of .240 eth so you sit down with 1 ETH.

Or just imagine you sit down with $1k for a game with a $1 min / $24 max if that is easier.

What would your betting strategy be?

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