What vps hosting used for

If you have decided to buy a hosting service but confused about which one to buy? Or you may be thinking about buying a VPS hosting but not aware of what features VPS hosting provides? After comprehensive research on the cheapest VPS hosting plans find more info here in the market today.

Don’t be worried, here is the complete guide for you in which we explained what is VPS hosting and what is VPS hosting used for? So stick to the article up to the end for a better understanding of the VPS hosting.

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

While writing this I’m considering you to be aware of Hosting services. At least you have basic knowledge of Hosting. So coming to our point, let’s understand what VPS hosting is? VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server.

Suppose you are living in an apartment which is also shared by other people but you have complete liberty to change your compartment and design it as you need. This is somewhat VPS hosting can be defined.

It is more advanced and versatile than shared hosting but less expensive than Dedicated server hosting. It lies in between them. VPS hosting can be useful in many different ways.

Why Use A VPS Hosting?

As we have seen VPS hosting somewhat is a mimic of a Dedicated server. But unlike the dedicated server, you have to share a server with other buyers too but in this case, you will get more liberty and freedom for the changes.

VPS Hosting is cheaper than the dedicated server. If your website has good traffic then you must go for it. Because this type of server can handle much more traffic than shared hosting. Let’s see what exactly you can do with VPS hosting-

1. Increase Your Performance

If you are using basic shared hosting but eventually your site started to perform better then your user might experience a delay in loading your website. So at this stage, you should invest in VPS hosting so that it can handle that much crowd very easily.

You can also change the settings of your server so that your site can deliver a good user experience. Which can help you to reduce your bounce rate and will get a better rank on the search engine result page.

If you want to increase your website performance then DomainRacer will provide you 21x faster blazing lightning faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology (boost website speed) and reduce the page load times.

2. Secure Your Site

If your site starts grabbing more audiences then it will be at risk of security concern. and not only yours but it may also be harmful to your audiences, and if this happens then your site may lose its popularity.

So to avoid this thing you need to secure your site and VPS hosting provides all the security measures anyone needs to secure his/her website. For best VPS hosting services regarding security and other advanced features go with DomainRacer.

It provides outstanding security features like Imunify AV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Magic Spam Protection, and Firewall are top security tools that are always ready to secure your website data and avoid data loss.

3. Save Your Money

We always try to save our money. Whether it is shopping or investing in a hosting service. But along with that, we can’t compromise on security and better service. And we shouldn’t.

VPS hosting may seem expensive at the beginning than shared hosting but the features it provides in comparison to shared hosting are way much better. So anyone can go with this hosting plan.

VPS hosting literary works like dedicated hosting. So if you buy VPS hosting then you don’t need to purchase a dedicated server anymore. Because it gives you kind of the same service in the lower budget.

Hence it saves your money.

4. Customize Your Server

Customization as per your need is an important thing while owning anything. VPS hosting provides you great access to the server as well as you can customize your server as per your need.

Unlike managed WordPress hosting servers where you can operate and configure your site for any operating system and use any configuration as you want. So this is way better than managed WordPress hosting.

VPS hosting can be useful to your business. If you want to customize your server without going for a dedicated server. A dedicated server may cost you much more than VPS hosting. So VPS hosting can be useful to you.

Features And Advantage Of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers many features to host your website on a live server. And if your website has started grabbing more traffic then you must go for it. VPS hosting is much simpler to use with having lots of other benefits. Why use VPS hosting?

  • It is much more advanced than shared hosting in case of speed and reliability.
  • Cheaper than the Dedicated hosting server.
  • Even if you are using a shared server but other user’s defects can affect your website.
  • You get much more freedom and liberty than shared hosting.
  • You can upgrade it anytime once your website starts growing.
  • You get better privacy from the other users who are using the same server as you.

When To Switch To VPS Hosting?

Till now you might have got complete knowledge about VPS hosting and the importance of VPS hosting. but now the question is when exactly to switch your shared hosting to the VPS hosting? As you know at the initial level of your blogging journey you will buy shared hosting.

Keep one thing in mind, once your website starts getting popular obviously it will get more traffic than usual. So at such a point, your shared hosting would be unable to handle that much crowd, and as the result, your website will get slow.

To handle huge traffic than usual you need to change your shared hosting plan and should switch to VPS Hosting for a better experience. And always buy your hosting plan from a trusted company.

The need for VPS hosting may lead to buying VPS hosting but before that you must know when and how exactly the VPS hosting can fulfill your needs and how VPS hosting will be useful for you.


VPS hosting is used for websites that generate more traffic. VPS hosting offers many features to host your website seamlessly. It gives you a better user experience in comparison to any other hosting plan.

If you are a popular blogger or local online store then you must go for it. VPS hosting provides you reliability for large traffic as well as safety and security of your website and data.

VPS hosting can help you in many ways. You just need to buy it. As we said earlier, always go for a trusted hosting company. We recommend DomainRacer as a top VPS service provider. It is tested by us in terms of services and price.

We have seen in this article what can anyone do with VPS hosting and how it will benefit in many ways. There are many uses of VPS hosting if your website is growing rapidly then you must go for VPS hosting.

Best of Luck……!!

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