What does Real-Time Assistance (RTA) mean and is it allowed?

Solvers and RTA is the main topic in the poker world right now

Real-Time Assistance (RTA) “Real-Time Assistance” is one of the hottest topics that are currently circulating in the poker community after the Fedor Kruse scandal. GGPoker also recently blocked several player accounts due to RTA, frozen 1.3 million player credits and distributed them to damaged players. After all this talk, many poker players have wondered what RTA is and what it is. We would therefore like to take a closer look at this topic

Was ist Echtzeitunterstützung (RTA)?

Alles, was einen Pokerspieler bei seiner Entscheidungsfindung während eines Cash Games oder Turniers unterstützt, gilt als Echtzeitunterstützung. RTA kann vollständig automatisiert sein oder manuelle Eingaben vom Endbenutzer erfordern, aber alle beeinflussen die Entscheidungsfindung des Spielers live am Tisch.

Die komplexere RTA hilft dem Benutzer, eine GTO-Strategie (Game Theory Optimal) zu spielen, die mathematisch perfekt ist. Solver teilen dem Benutzer beispielsweise genau mit, wie viel er in einem bestimmten Szenario setzen soll oder ob er überhaupt etwas setzen soll.

Wenn man so ein Tool benutzt, hat man einen klaren Vorteil gegenüber anderen Spielern. Selbst ein sehr kleiner Vorteil bei Spielen mit höheren Einsätzen kann im Laufe eines Jahres Zehntausende von Dollar wert sein.

Es sind nicht nur komplexe GTO-Solver, die den Spielern RTA bieten. Sogar ein Push / Fold-Chart oder ein Start-Hand-Diagramm basierend auf den Stapelgrößen vor dem Handeln der Spieler wird als RTA angesehen und verstößt daher zumindest im GGNetzwerk gegen die allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen. Abschnitt 4 der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen von GGPoker ist der Verwendung von Echtzeitunterstützung (RTA) gewidmet.

These terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Any decision made at the poker table must be made solely by you. Humans must decide what action to take and the exact size of any bet or raise
  • Use of any software and/or reference material that provides advice and/or has an influence on your decision-making in real-time is strictly prohibited
  • Prohibited software includes, but is not limited to, GTO solvers, range calculators, and ICM analysers
  • Prohibited reference materials are solutions/solves from simulations, e.g. GTO charts, range calculation, ICM equity, decision trees, Nash Equilibrium, or push/fold charts
  • The following reference material is allowed: a basic preflop chart that defines starting hands to play from each position. If the reading material contains stack size, relative positions, or any user-defined situations then it is not permitted
  • Actions taken for breaches: PERMANENT BAN, CONFISCATION

Use real-time GTO solvers

The aforementioned Kruse is a popular streamer and professional poker player who was recently outed by his roommates for fraud. Kruse has seen a rapid rise from $ 0.50 / $ 1 cash games to limits with blinds of up to $ 200 / $ 400 in less than 12 months.

Such a monumental rise in the Limits is virtually unknown and his roommates decided to confront Kruse about his alleged use of solvers during his sessions. Kruse promised not to use RTA anymore but allegedly didn’t stick to it. The same roommates eventually published their results in the TwoPlusTwo forum.

The evidence shows that Kruse ran his online poker clients on one computer and some RTA software tools on a second computer and monitor. Whenever Kruse faced a difficult situation, he used the solvers on his second machine that showed the perfect Game Theory Optimal (GTO) game.

Kruse was then supposedly able to play the mathematically correct game that is, in the long run, the game that makes money. It is a scam and is against the terms and conditions of any poker room.

According to the evidence presented, Kruse had to manually enter the various scenarios when using RTA. This is completely different from a typical poker bot, which is automated from start to finish.

The use of two separate computers and the manual entry of information into the solver is not apparent with traditional methods. In order to detect someone using RTA solvers in this way, the online poker site’s security and integrity teams must analyze the suspect’s betting patterns and game. The problem is that very good players have a GTO strategy. A poker room’s detection methods could potentially lead to incorrect results, which shows that this topic is very sensitive.

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