Weekly Poker News: WSOP Winner Banned, Wool Career-High Payout

Featured in this article:

  • Former WSOP Bracelet Ivan Deyra banned
  • Chad Bjorkman wins e 2021 Mid-States Poker Tour Grand Falls $1,100 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event
  • Andy Wool sees career-high payout

This week’s poker news is all about the winners. However, one winner cheated and has earned a sever punishment. We’ll start there as we recap this week’s biggest poker headlines.

Former WSOP Bracelet Winner Has Been Banned

They say that even bad news can be good news sometimes but not in this case. Former 2019 WSOP bracelet winner Ivan Deyra has found himself in the headlines of late and unfortunately for him, there is no good way to spin this.

The story starts with Deyra actually performing well at an event, winning €83,300 after competing in the €2,000 Super High Roller in the Winamax Series. However, there was a slight catch to that win as he had used his father’s account to get back in the game after previously busting with his own personal account.

Multiple participants in that tournament had requested refunds after realizing what had happened with the majority of players being reimbursed. There was overwhelming evidence that Deyra had cheated in order to win this event and he even issues an apology, admitting to multi-accounting.

Since that apology statement, Deyra has now been banned on both accounts and has gotten his €83,300 win, along with his winnings from two other tournaments, taken away. Those winnings have since been redistributed to other players in those events.

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Mid-States Poker Tour Grand Falls Main Event Is All Wrapped Up

It was a fantastic day for Chad Bjorkman, who was able to claim the top prize in the 2021 Mid-States Poker Tour Grand Falls $1,100 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event. The event reeled in 488 total entries and had created a final prize pool of $471,860, a large leap from the $200,000 guarantee. There was clearly an appetite to get some hands in considering how shutdown the environment has been for over the last year.

In the end, Bjorkman took home the largest chunk of that prize with $101,450. He wasn’t just given the trophy and a big prize, he also received 720 Card Player Player of the Year points. That now puts him at No. 6 on the leaderboard for the 2021 POY race. It’s still early in the year but that’s a great start for him.

The top 54 finishers in the event were able to finish in the money with the minimum prize being listed as $2,123. Bjorkman was able to defeat Cory Nordstrand and Dave Sanderson before claiming first place. Nordstrand came in second and won $62,339 and 600 POY points while Sanderson rounded out the top three with $44,921 and 480 POY points.

Andy Wool Picks Up Career High Payout

Andy Wool was able to piece together a fantastic performance in the PokerStars Big Blowout $530 buy-in event. The win had gotten him $150,644, which is now marked down as his career-high. Wool has been on a tear lately, finishing in second place during the $107.50 Half Price Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStars while walking away with $42,004 from that event.

Wool was sitting at around $650,000 in career earnings at this time last year but has since surpassed the $1 million mark. In an interview after his big win, he stated that he considers himself a mid-stakes tournament player, averaging $80 per buy-in. Now that he has more money to play with, he might start playing bigger events.

Wool’s biggest influence has been Patrick Leonard. Wool stated that Leonard had mentored him and some other friends on the basic fundamentals of poker, helping each of them grow their own game and improve as a player. He also said that Leonard has continued to help him out ever since, with the two keeping in contact almost daily.

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