Warcradle Studios Rolls Out The Games This Month

If you’re looking for some licensed gaming experiences, then Warcradle Studios has got some board games on the way, along with wargaming terrain that should satisfy any tabletop miniatures fan that’s looking for a fight in the Wild West.

For Altered Carbon fans out there, the iconic Fightdrome from the novels has been recreated in Fightdrome: Panama Rose, which is a slick card game that challenges players to fight each other in a to-the-death duel. The last player standing (or sitting) with cards is the winner unless players agree on the variant where it’s a race to fame over the course of several bouts.

Players start the game by choosing specially selected combat sleeves, and take on the role of two competitors battling it out to determine who will survive.

If you haven’t watched the Netflix series or read the novels, the Fightdrome is a pretty vicious place, so it will be interesting to see if the card game can replicate the tension of that blood-soaked arena.


Another bodacious adventure awaits any player who wants to try out Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time, a time-traveling tabletop journey to the ‘90s. Of course, other places in history will feature in the game. It wouldn’t be a Bill & Ted adventure without the globe-trotting duo doing exactly that.

It looks to be a time-sensitive cooperative game that requires players to return all Personages of Historical Significance to the correct point in history. Time rifts are never a good thing and this one needs to be closed before the world ends. Or at least San Dimas, California.

I grew up after the time of Bill & Ted so this doesn’t much a ton of draw for me, but I know that the series has got a lot of rabid fans out there, so maybe you’re looking for any other way to ride through time with these two excellent dudes.

The Rufus’ Remix expansion also offers a fifth-player and more content if you like what’s there in the base game.


The final board game release is not a standalone experience but a return of the popular Rio Sonora terrain set, which is bound to please Western fans in the tabletop miniatures and roleplaying communities.

Players can get the Rio Sonora Town Set as individual scenery kits now.

While these exquisite buildings are intended specifically for Wild West Exodus, they could be used for a lot of tabletop games, bringing that pioneering appeal and outlaw vibe to whatever storytelling experience or gameplay encounter you can think of.

Two games and tabletop scenery. Overall, a pretty busy month for Warcradle Studios.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order the Rio Sonora Scenery Kits and Fightdrome: Panama Rose now. The board game Bill & Ted’s Riff in Time, and the Rufus’ Remix expansion, are available for pre-order as well leading up to its release on November 27th.

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