Veikkaus Announces Resumption of Gaming Activities in Satakunta

The gaming operator Veikkaus announced resuming slot machine and gaming hall operations in Satakunta region of Finland. Company ensures that all activities will be in line with the coronavirus restrictions.

The temporary prohibition over any activities in Satakura was imposed because of the increasing number of positive Covid-19 cases.

Satakura is one of the very few regions where gambling is allowed at this time. Finnish government currently does not allow gambling facilities and slot machines to operate in areas of the country where the coronavirus cases are reaching higher number every day.

However Satakura saw significant decrease in positive cases, which lead to opening of the gambling facility but following basic Covid-19 measures, meaning that the slot machines of Veikkaus can resume activity.

Measures Due to the Pandemic

The operator stated that from January 16, it will open its slot machines in kiosks, shops and traffic stations. The gaming halls will reopen as well.

In the meantime, Åland registered many positive coronavirus cases and went into a phase of very serious restrictions and Veikkaus was forced to halt all gambling activities in the region.

The operator will switch off all slot machines, will close gaming revenues across the region until the conditions change.

Last week Veikkaus was forced to close slot machines in another region – Kainuu again due to the restrictions.

Due to the loses that the operator will have to face because of all the restrictions, Veikkaus came up with a new feature that will cut the loses.

Since January 12, the Finish monopoly operator demands identification for slots machines. The new regulation is part of the player protection measurements that are supposed to cut down losses by up to €300m.

According to the new system, the players will have virtual identity cards on their phones, which they can use to access any slot they choose. This makes it a lot easier for the players to control their gambling. According to Veikkaus’ representatives, this system will also make sure that all players are at least 18 years old.

The new identification system was supposed to be implemented in 2023. Due to the increased number of Covid-19 cases in Finland, Veikkaus had to bring it sooner.

The first slot machines to use identifications were brough in October 2020 in certain regions of the country. In November and December more areas were added. Now the operator is thinking about implementing it nationwide.

Veikkaus promises to bring even more control measures this year to ensure player’s safety.

After July, not only the machines will require identification but other games too.

Source: “Veikkaus to resume gaming activities in Satakunta”, iGaming Business, January 15

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