UK Casinos Offer to Stop Selling Booze to Stay Open

Casinos in the UK are offering to stop selling booze to customers in an effort to stay open as Covid-19 is once again threatening their livelihood.

The Betting and Gaming Council announced the concession, as they stated that closing casinos again would prove to be catastrophic and cost thousands of British workers their jobs.

Covid is starting to pop back up again in the UK, and there’s a possibility that widespread closures will hit the country. The BGC contends that the industry has shown they can operate safely, and they’re willing to make it so people aren’t as likely to stick around outside of playing games.

Commenting on the concession BGC CEO Michael Dugher said, “Casinos have already proved, thanks to their world class track and trace systems, the use of Perspex screens, hand sanitisers and strict social distancing rules, that they are Covid-secure according to Public Health England.

“There are relatively few casinos, we know that their impact on Covid is negligible and they have in fact operated perfectly safely since re-opening in August. There are no public health grounds to order their closure now.”

“Ministers need to understand that casinos are not pseudo-nightclubs or places where young people go to drink. Nevertheless, they are willing to reduce their risk levels even further by refusing to serve alcohol, which the Government seems to think is another factor in the spread of the virus.

“In light of all of this, I would urge ministers to be reasonable and allow casinos to remain safely open and continue to play their part in raising desperately-needed tax revenues for the Treasury, whilst also stopping the spread of the coronavirus.”

We’ll update readers as we learn more about how the industry will be impacted.

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