Total Points Scored Odds – Ohio State vs. Alabama

You can bet on the total number of points scored for a significant payout with monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship. Let’s check out a few of the past weekend’s Wild Card game totals to see what the payouts would have been.

We will get right to the big one Sunday night, a high scoring affair between the Browns and Steelers.

The total amounted to 85.

For a college football game, that’s actually not seen as being out of reach. Monday night’s College Football Playoff National Championship pays $500 for every $100 bet to land within the 85 to 91 point range.

The Rams-Seahawks game resulted in 50 points scored. Tonight, the payout for that number would be $550.

Taking a look back at some big college football games played recently, the Orange Bowl match between Northwestern and Texas A&M resulted in 68 points being scored. The payout would have been $370 on a $100 bet.

Georgia and Cincinnati only scored 45 points in their Peach Bowl game with a payout of $850 for every $100 bet. Incidentally, Notre Dame and Alabama scored the same number of points in the Rose Bowl.

The total for this game was set at 75 with the range paying $350 on every $100 bet.

Rot Total Points Scored Moneyline
2084 00-14 Points
2085 15-21 Points
2086 22-28 Points
2087 29-35 Points
2088 36-42 Points
2089 43-49 Points
2090 50-56 Points
2091 57-63 Points
2092 64-70 Points
2093 71-77 Points
2094 78-84 Points
2095 85-91 Points
2096 92 or More Points

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