Top 4 WSOP Mistakes That Even Good Players Make

The World Series Of Poker is the most prestigious tournament in the poker fraternity. Thousands of players come to the tournament hoping to turn their $10,000 buy-in into a million dollars! In the main event, players begin with 20,000 in chips, and blinds start at 50-100. You can put away your unexploitable push/fold charts, because with 120 minute levels, you’ll be playing real poker well into Day 2.

People make a lot of mistakes in the Main Event and we’ve come up with the Top 4 mistakes that even the good players make which will help you to avoid drawing a target on your back and keep your stack healthy!

Overvaluing One Pair

Many people might think that this particular point doesn’t apply to them, but it does. There’s more to it than not losing your entire stack with the top pair. Even many good players understand “pot control” to mean nothing more than “stop raising and just call down.”

It’s true that pocket Aces is going to be the best hand every single time, pre-flop. When the community cards come out, Aces do not beat every hand that your opponent is value betting. Your more passive opponents won’t often be raising worse hands on the flop, either, and especially not on the turn.

Overestimating Implied Odds

If you’re regularly playing at a place where 20-30 big blinds is a deep stack, having a stack of 75 big blinds at the WSOP is going to feel like a monster stack. The truth, however, is that with 75 BB effective stacks, calling a standard raise of 3-4 BB’s with a small pocket pair for set value alone is a marginal play. Not only do you need to hit your set, which is about 8 ½ to 1 against, but your opponent needs to make a hand that’s big enough to be worth his stack but not big enough to beat your set.

This is even tougher to play when you get hands like suited connectors or one-gappers. The perfect flop is going to be hard to come by and even when you do hit well, it’ll be better if you have a deeper stack and a few tricks up your sleeve to make it worth your while.

Playing Too Many Hands Out-Of-Position

In Texas Hold’Em, position is an advantage for you at every decision point. No matter how much edge you have over your opponents, you’ll never be able to understand and take advantage of it from out of position. Bluffing is harder, figuring out where you stand with marginal hands is harder, and even getting paid off when you make a monster is harder.

Even if you do choose to play hands such as suited connectors or AJo from an early position, your primary goal should be deception rather than the intrinsic value of playing that particular hand from out of position!

Defend The Button

Defending the button when the stacks are deep is essential. You want to be playing more pots especially when you have the advantage post flop because you’re in position. The button is like a gold mine that you have to share with eight other prospectors. When it’s your turn to reap the gold, you can’t let the others beat you to it. An aggressive player on your right who regularly raises the pot ahead of you needs to be discouraged with frequent calls and re-raises. After a while, he will stop trying to steal your button.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid these mistakes when playing high stakes tournaments on your regular grinds as well!

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