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Stories please

Ok I got one!

So last season. Sportsbook open at the Beau. So I was like let come check it out and make a few bets. So I stood behind this Indian guy! He had a book bag. I’m in line behind him. Before COVID may I add so we were in normal line. Very close!

I had a conversation with him. I was like, who you like today. He said oh I’m not betting myself. I’m here to place a bet for my brother. I was like ok cool. Who does he like? I could not remember the 2 teams. He then opens the book bag and hands the teller $10k folds of 100’s. I wide eyed looked at him. Damn man, how much is your brother betting? Jeezz that’s a lot you have there! He said he’s putting a 100k on each game.

What?!? 100k on each? Damn man hook me up. Who are the 2 teams? He then whispers to me. This team and that team. You should bet them. He knows his shit and he has his sources! I said ok. I’ll put $500 on each of them bc you said so.

Long story short! They were both blowouts! Never in doubt! I should have gotten his number! ?. The easiest money I ever made. Didn’t even had to cap them. He’s putting 100k on it. I can put $500.

That shit was awesome. Ok I gotta go back, I’m on break. I get a break every hour.

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