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ended up in the sights of investigators, but until a few years ago the former defender Luigi Sartor was winning trophies with Juventus, Vicenza, Inter and Parma. Instead today, Tuesday 16 February, the financial police found him together with another 46-year-old from Parma, Marco Mantovani, intent on curing cannabis plants which, according to estimates, could have yielded over two kilos of the drug. Article link

The investigations had started from an apparently uninhabited cottage for which doubling the power of the meter had been requested. Which could not fail to make the investigators suspicious. In the guarantee questioning, Sartor availed himself of the right not to answer and now under house arrest.

In the past, the former footballer had had some trouble with justice: was one of the names of the Calcioscommesse affair started by the Cremona prosecutor in 2011. Finished in prison, the investigation ended for him in 2019 with the prescription. In 2012 a sad episode: placed under house arrest and without a mobile phone, Sartor was unable to save his sick dog. It was his lawyer, Antonino Tuccari, who went to see the former defender almost every evening, to call a veterinarian. An intervention which, however, proved too late. Article link

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The incident prompted the investigating judge to make him leave the house to buy a mobile phone. But it wasn’t the only episode. One night some thugs sneaked into his garage and Sartor started shouting from the balcony to make them escape and save the car.

To think that until a few years ago Sartor was a successful player. Raised in the youth academies of Padua and Juventus, debut in Serie A with the bianconeri on 6 December 1992 against Fiorentina, signing an unfortunate own goal, but at the end of the year he won the Uefa Cup. He went on loan to Reggiana in 1993, then between 1994 and 1997, the consecration with the shirt of Vicenza, with which he won the Italian Cup. So the experience at Inter. In Ronaldo’s team, the Phenomenon, with Gigi Simoni as coach, came close to the Scudetto won by Juventus, but won another Uefa Cup – on May 6, 1998 – in the final in Paris against Lazio (3-0). A few weeks later he moved to Parma: in four seasons he had time to winning two more Italian Cups, an Italian Super Cup and his third Uefa. the pinnacle of his career. He earned Roma in 2002 but the adventure in the Giallorossi did not take off. He also played with Ancona, Genoa, Hungary with Sopron, with Verona, ending his career in 2009 with Ternana. In blue he won the Under 21 European Championship with Cesare Maldini on the bench in 1996. Two appearances in the senior national team. Then many troubles and many misadventures. Until today’s arrest.

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