The Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper

Via BlueSkyReport:

CCP Controls Dominion: The controller of Dominion is the Carlyle Group, which is inextricably linked to the CCP. The CCP gained control of Dominion by opening up resource companies to the Carlyle Group. Controlling the votes of Americans, Politicians and the U.S. itself.

HUGE: DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM PATENTS GIVEN TO CHINA BANK (HSBC) AS COLLATERAL IN 2019. HSBC received ownership of patents to intellectual property of elections, ballots, systems, cyber & internet capacities. Patent Agreement:

Communist People’s Republic of China financially captured Collateral of Dominion Voting Systems, Machines & Security Software Applications. Dominion’s financial collateral owner is HSBC the Hongkong Shanghai Bank of CHINA-Assigned 18 different Patents.

Eric Coomer is one of the Inventors of Dominions Voting Security Features. Dominion Voting Systems Patents: Security, System & Methods: Assignors: DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS Assignee: HSBC Patent Assignment 050500/0236 SECURITY AGREEMENT.


The servers belong to the CIA, not Dominion or SCTYL. U.S. European Command (USEUCOM) did Take Control of Vote Switching Servers in Germany. Servers were legally taken by U.S. military with DOJ taking possession of them, meaning people will be indicted.

We seized the server from Scytl Germany. We have the algorithim. And who helped develop scorecard for Dominion?

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