The Casino Games of Skills That Give You Edge

Casinos these days are hardly just about games of pure chance. While luck will always play some role in what happens to you at a casino, there are quite a few titles you can experiment with and even influence to produce slightly better outcomes. Thanks to Roulette77, you can learn everything there is to know about the game of roulette, arguably one of the most rewarding games you will find at any casino.

Players are welcome to explore others as well right at In this write-up, we focus on guiding you through those worthwhile options that will really make your day and let you have a great time playing games that don’t take just sheer luck but also a bit of skill!


Roulette is definitely one of the games that you can adjust to your own tastes. The best versions to try are American, European and French. They offer the most rewarding gameplay, which will make every session worthwhile.

The payout percentage actually differs for each game, but this is nothing that you should worry about. In fact, you can just as well embrace the game with the best payout percentage, the French version, and enjoy some pretty attractive overall payouts.

Players are welcome to explore different strategies and put this “skill factor” into play. Now, your payouts will depend on chance and luck once again, so you cannot eliminate the game’s randomness, but by sticking to the right strategies, you can make sure you don’t have as much to worry about in the first place.


Blackjack is actually a game where you can let yourself shine. The title allows you not just to make sure you deploy some time-tested strategies, but even better – count cards. Card counting is an actual skill that you can put to good use at land-based casinos.

Please note that online casinos use randomizers after each card dealt, which means that you cannot really count any cards, as the cards are coming in no specific order you can pinpoint. However, there have been many successful players who have mastered the game of blackjack and card counting.

Alright, but what if a casino catches you counting cards? That’s okay, a casino may just ask you to leave the table or the premises, but by that time, you would have won a pretty penny in most cases.


Poker is the ultimate casino game of skill, and there is no denying that. While you will certainly depend on the luck of the draw, there are many factors you ought to consider. Statistical probability and mathematical prowess are just two of the skills that would allow you to excel as a poker player. To find proof of just how skill-based poker is, we will remind you that the game is continually evolving, which means that the lessons you have learnt today won’t hold true tomorrow.

This is an interesting thing to observe in any game, and poker really shines as a perfect example of a true game of skill in a casino setting.


Craps is another game where chance clearly plays such a huge and important role that you would not be able to play without factoring in the dice’s randomness and the rolls.

Yet, where there are numbers, there is always a mathematical constant to help you out no matter how long the odds are. Craps can be played optimally and to statistical probability rules. Now, does this help you win?

Let’s say it certainly helps you lose less! With a bit of luck and a lot of knowledge, skill and understanding, you can actually make Craps work in your favor. It’s also great to consider that the game attracts a niche audience, so more room for you!

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