The best r/poker memes of the month

If it wasn’t for luck I’d win every time

Skill vs Variance from r/poker

Money is just a way to keep score

They are just chips, right? from r/poker


the new GTO? from r/poker

Only good for taking down a small pot…

When you open shove pre with AA and win the blinds from r/poker

We bubbled it too

When will I learn… from r/poker

Speaking of bubbles

Busting out on the bubble with aces. from r/poker

The inevitable Trump meme

I was 90% to win on the flop… from r/poker

The inevitable Polk vs Negreanu memes

Virgen Polk vs. Chad DNegs from r/poker

Hey Guys from r/poker

Found on twitter from r/poker

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ultimate r/poker meme

Every single day from r/poker

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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