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One of the most popular movie genres of all time is the horror movie genre. For some reason, people have delighted in being scared out of their wits for decades now, and this actually became even more popular over the last 12 months, as people stuck at home during lockdown watched more horror movies than ever before. This extends not just to movies, but to other entertainment options as well, with horror-themed games being some of the best-selling ones online, for example. There are also several online sites which have specific horror-themed card games, such as GGPoker, and these sites have also seen a lot of traffic over the last 12 months for the reasons outlined above. Here, we will look at some of the best horror-themed card games for you to try out once you can meet your friends and family again.

Friday the 13th playing cards

This is a regular set of playing cards, but with the notable difference that the cards feature Jason, the hockey mask-wearing villain of the Friday the 13th movie franchise. This is probably one of the most famous horror movie franchises of all time, and with an iconic villain in Jason, who shows up in different shots from the movies themselves on the cards. These games could also be adapted to have certain extra features in some instances, such as bonuses for finding all images from a particular film, for example.

Godzilla playing cards

Godzilla, also known as the King of Monsters, has been one of the most popular characters in movie history. It is, of course, a Japanese character, and there have been 36 movies featuring this iconic monster, with four of them being Hollywood productions, and the latest edition, Godzilla vs Kong, set for release in a few weeks. It is therefore no surprise to see card games based on this character, with images from the original Japanese movies as well as the modern Hollywood iterations.

Horror 1 Retro Top Trumps

This is not your standard playing card deck adorned with images from movies and posters; rather, it is an alternative card game, with each card having an iconic horror movie character, and certain numerical attributes, with the goal being to play cards that have a higher attribute than those of your opponent. Top Trumps has been one of the most popular card games, and has had versions with sports players, wrestlers and movie stars, so it was only logical that horror movie characters were also adopted eventually. Some of the characters available include Godzilla, the Phantom of the Opera, The Executioner, and so on, as well as more generic characters such as trolls and ghosts. The illustrations are also quite comic book-like, making these cards collectibles as well, and there are various themed packs too, with Halloween being one, but the Horror 1 Retro is perhaps the best of the bunch.

These are some of the best horror-themed card games out there, whether you’re looking for traditional cards or trump card games – horror has always been popular and so it is with these excellent card games.

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