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Jimbo, I’ve been using your cheat sheet …doing very well!
Jimbo, played 10 shoes lost 1 made a profit thanks R.B.
“So I have to give it to you Jimbo. I am very impressed with your hard work on documenting all those shoes, and pinpointing where we should be betting I am happy to say that you haven’t let me down with your accuracy. Again, I thank you for this Cheatsheet” C.R.
“Practice Simulator is “Cool” J.B. “Nice Job as always” Z.H. “Great work” E.M.
“Keep up the good work” H.D.
Practice Simulator is Awesome, thanks! C.R.
Thanks! I really appreciate all the information that you provide…
Been practicing Bank only using your Cheat sheet and doing well $100 a unit , this works really well! J.B.
Jimbo are you the only one with a comprehensive look at the Baccarat game!!
I really appreciate what you are sharing with the baccarat community L.P.
Checked the system out today at the casino , 18.5 units profit, R.G.
Rare to find someone on YT that knows the game!! Nice Job. E.M
You have the best customer service M.P
Hi Jimbo so far I have good results on rng baccarat with my cheatsheet D.F.
Highly recommend the cheat-sheets as i’ve tried other methods , but find that the cheat-sheets are the most consistent way to show a profit. E.E.
They are exactly as you said they were for accuracy and pin point betting timing. Thank you so much. And, by the way, the support has always been superb, you helped when I needed it. R.N.

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