Takeover Complete: Teofimo Lopez is Undisputed Lightweight Champion

Custom Boxing Background

  • Teofimo Lopez defeated Vasyl Lomachenko via unanimous decision on Saturday night in Las Vegas
  • With the win, Lopez is the first four-belt champion in lightweight boxing history.
  • He entered the fight as the betting underdog but dominated Lomachenko for the most part of the bout.

A star was born on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

23 year old Teofimo Lopez became the undisputed lightweight champion of the world, becoming the youngest fighter to become a four-belt champion since the WBO was founded in 1988 and the first ever four-belt lightweight champion. Lopez did so at the expense of the fighter regarded by many as best technical boxer today in Vasyl Lomachenko. And Lopez didn’t just beat Lomachenko, he dominated one of the best pound for pound fighters in the planet with his size and powerful punches.

Experts believed that Lomachenko would pick Lopez apart with his boxing IQ and ring savvy. Most felt that Lopez’s best chance of winning the fight was knocking out Lomachenko. But they underestimated Lopez’s abilities. For the most part of the fight, Teofimo Lopez outboxed the master boxer.

Lopez Finished Stronger

Lopez controlled the fight for the first seven rounds. Except for a short burst by Loma in Round 2 it was all Lopez during the first 21 minutes of the bout. Lomachenko is a known slow starter but on Saturday night, he was much more inactive through seven rounds. Teofimo’s length and power had a lot to do with that.

Teofimo was aggressive and he used a consistent jab to prevent Lomachenko from mounting any consistent offense. Some say that Lomachenko waited too long to launch his offense. But the only reason why Loma looked tentative was that Lopez was landing and landing hard on his smaller opponent.

Lomachenko mounted a spirited comeback. He dominated rounds 8 to 11 and was able to tag Lopez with his power left hand. Some people who watched the bout had it much closer than what the judges thought. Others even felt that the 12th round was the decider. Loma tried to close out strong but after struggling for the previous four rounds, Lopez found a second wind and finished the 12th stronger than Lomachenko.

Judges Didn’t Think it Was Close

Some people had the fight much closer but the judges felt otherwise. Judge Tim Cheatman has the closest score. He gave Loma rounds 8-11, which were the obvious rounds that Lomachenko mounted significant offense. Steve Weisfeld had Lomachenko winning rounds 8,10, and 11 only. On the other hand, Julie Lederman had an outrageous scorecard as he gave Lomachenko only round 11.

Lomachenko outlanded Lopez in total punches during rounds 9,10, an 11 only. Loma matched Lopez’s 19 punch output in round 8. Those were the four rounds that Cheatman gave Loma. Weisfeld also gave three of those round to Lomachenko. Loma never landed more than seven punches during the first seven rounds of the fight. Through round six, he only threw a total of 58 punches. In contrast, Lopez let his hands go early and threw 62 punches in the opening two rounds of the fight.

Compubox stats had Lopez outlanding Loma 183-141 in total punches. The Honduran-American fighter connected on 50 punches in the final round while the Ukrainian superstar landed just 19 punches in the final stanza. Lopez landed 40% of his power punches and outlanded Lomachenko 148-78 in total power punches landed.

Takeover is Complete

It’s been at least two years since Lopez and his father have been talking about a takeover. When they first said that, not many took them seriously. Lopez mowed down one opponent after another to prove his point. He asked to fight Lomachenko and he looked like a cocky young man. On Saturday, he proved many wrong by beating the fighter who was believed to be the best technical boxer in the sport today.

Lopez entered the fight as the betting underdog. He was a +300 at Bovada on October 15th. At BetMGM on the day before the fight, Lopez was listed at +200 with his odds to win on points at +800. Whoever believed in the Takeover won big on Saturday night. Boxing great Floyd Mayeather Jr. was one of them. Money placed a $6,500 bet on Lopez at +310. He cashed in $20,000.00 on that bet.

Sky is the limit for the young and powerful Lopez. He is undisputed lightweight champion at the age of 23. With his frame, size, and power, he could easily move up to 140 pounds and still be a force. It remains to be seen though if that’s what he wants next. A rematch with Lomachenko is also possible but given how Lopez manhandled Lomachenko, it’s unsure if Loma wants to run it back.

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