Table Games – Why are there hardly any baccarat tournaments? | Vegas Message Board

There are some big ones at Venetian. I think they have a $50k one several times a year, and then they have a really big one (I think they call it Golden Dragon or something) with qualifiers throughout the year. I know this because I’m constantly invited to the darn things, and I’ve never played a hand of barccarat in my life (other than a few times at the electronic tables for funsies). I’m not sure outside Venetian how many places have them but I am pretty sure I’ve seen then advertised at Wynn and I anticipate that the Resorts World opening up will probably have a large baccarat presence.

With respect to how you get into it, V/P’s are by invite, but they also have the option for people to just buy-in.


Here’s a link to an older version of the Venetian’s Golden Dragon page. They still run it, but I can’t find the newer editions, but this gives yo an idea what they do.

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