Sushi styles

Sushi is an old Japanese dish of cooked white rice, often mixed with a variety of other ingredients, including fish, and various vegetables, often raw. The basic style of sushi differs widely, but the underlying ingredient is always “sushi rice”. This is a specialized type of rice that is pressed, rolled, and served raw in Japan. It is firm, without being tough, and eaten quickly. Sushi can be made with all sorts of ingredients and served in many different ways, but for many diners a good sushi restaurant in their area is the best place to go for the best tasting food and the most exotic menu.

There are many kinds of sushi, differing by region and sometimes even family tradition. In the northeast of Japan, for example, the rice is rarely cooked; it is used in pickling and adding other flavorings to fish. In Hawaii, the rice is only slightly cooked, so the sushi catering will have more natural sweetness and taste, while avoiding the sharp aftertaste sometimes experienced with cooked rice. Sushi from the west comes from Japan and is generally cooked rice.

Sushi has a long history in Japan, where it is one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese people. It is so popular in Japan that it is referred to as the national dish. Sushi is now enjoyed all over the world, except in China, which tends to use wheat as the base for sushi, rather than rice. In the United States, Americanized versions of sushi are now a fast favorite, with the basic ingredients usually being raw fish, vegetables, and mayonnaise.

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