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Did you lower the min weekly bonus ? I did not play last week and couldnt play this week but still I got MUCH less bonus.

And I mean like 75% less.

You did not play that week, of course the bonus will be less. What do you expect? smh

You can read, right?

In 2 weeks I did not play, 2 ! And in the 2nd week I got 75% less. Shaking MY head about your stupid comment.

I think you need to give more details about this thing. How much did you get when you were playing and how much you have wagered during that week. As well as how much you get this week after 2 weeks of not playing. The best comparison should be based on the same situation. Lets say you did not play for 2 weeks on December, and you get $10 and now you get $5 with the same 2 weeks of not playing. We do not know what is the base amount of the weekly bonus but I do not think it is getting lowered.

I already explained it. I did not play for 2 weeks. After the first week of no play I got lets say 10$ , after the 2. week I only got 2,50$. And I am platinum 2.
When I was playing I obviously got more. Its just strange that for the same 2 weeks of no action I get totally different amounts.

I only played smaller bets since October as stake limited me down to below 10$/bet on some sports so I cant bet as much as I did when I got to platinum 2. I pretty much only take the bonus now as the rest is just a waste of time. I worked hard to get to platinum by only betting, never casino, and as a result I got ridiculous limits.

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