SportsLine bettor turns $15 into $15103 with a 12-leg parlay


Sports betting can be stressful and frustrating, but one bettor seems to have an almost unmatched knack for it. One sports fan turned a $15 bet into $15,103 after hitting a 12-leg parlay.

Getting a few games right is impressive, but 12?!

This one bettor either got really lucky or can secretly predict the future. Bettor, if you’re reading this, tell us what else happens in 2021, we can take it. Or just drop some betting advice.

SportsLine posted the successful parlay on Instagram, writing, “It’s that easy” and tagging William Hill Sportsbook.

They also posted a slide of each bet, showing each game and type of bet the person had to hit in order to take home the $15,103.

The multi-sport weekend parlay included spreads and money lines from college football, UFC and the NFL.

Here’s a look at their bets:

  • Tennessee vs. Auburn, Money line, -400
  • Liberty vs. NC State, Money line, -110
  • Mississippi State vs. Georgia, Spread (+25.5), -110
  • Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma, Spread (-7), -105
  • Missouri vs. South Carolina, Spread (-6), -110
  • Michigan vs. Rutgers, Money line, -450
  • USC vs. Utah, Spread (-2.5), -110
  • The Daukaus vs. Stoltzfus fight, Money line, -330
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland Browns, Money line, -135
  • New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans, Money line, -115
  • Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens, Money line, +235
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings, Spread (+7), -110

Thanks to their intuition, or whatever made them commit to a 12-leg parlay, they now have more than $15K to spend, with some of that probably going toward future bets.

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