Sportsbook/Promos/Bonuses Daily Questions – 12/22/20 (Tuesday)

Any thoughts on the FD B/R 3×2 boosts? +110 for 2 3’s in the first 3 minutes of the game. Feel like there’s decent value on the GSW BKN game but I’m not so confident about the LAL LAC game.

The Clippers averaged 12.4 3’s per game last year while the Lakers 11.3. 12 3’s per game would be one every four minutes, and I feel like there would be slightly less at the start of games. Based off those figures it seems like a -EV play.

For the Barkley boosts, LBJ O21.5 pts seems like a lock (~90% chance). I think Steph highest scorer is probably worth a play too. There are 3 players with a realistic chance, and DK has Steph at +140 while KD is +210 and Kyrie is +250.

Worth noting that FB has KD +350 as the highest scorer of the day while Steph is +400 and Kyrie is +500. FB also has the BKN LAL boost at +200, better than both of the FD and DK boosts. The 4x22pt boost seems like it’s +EV as well; I’d say Steph LBJ and KD each have +80% likelihood, while Kawhi is probably around 65%. Decent value at +200

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