Someone Is Going To Pay Top Dollar For The Chance To Blow Up Trump Plaza Hotel And Casino

It’s probably fair to say a certain segment of the American population absolutely loathes outgoing President Donald Trump, and as a direct result, would probably get some personal satisfaction if given the chance to blow one of his (former) signature buildings to smithereens.

Now, the mayor of Atlantic City is going to find how much someone would pay to do such a thing.

In a press conference at 11 a.m. Thursday, Mayor Marty Small Sr. will announce an auction with the highest bidder to be given the opportunity to press the button that will implode Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in late January, according to an Associated Press report. The press conference will be livestreamed at

“Some of Atlantic City’s iconic moments happened there, but on his way out, Donald Trump openly mocked Atlantic City, saying he made a lot of money and then got out,” said Small. “I wanted to use the demolition of this place to raise money for charity.”

Small hopes at least $1 million will be raised through the auction, with the money going to The Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, which has hired an auction company to solicit the bids. The highest bids will be revealed on Jan. 19, and a live auction will eventually determine the winner.

The hotel, which was built in 1984, has been in a state of disrepair ever since it closed in 2014. It was officially declared a public safety hazard this year after parts of the hotel flew off during a storm. Demolition of the now-eyesore has been ongoing, but the final push of the button will occur on Jan. 29.

Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor, gained control of the property in 2016 when he assumed the debt of the bankrupt Trump Entertainment Resorts.

The city took Icahn to court this year in an effort to get him to destroy the building, and Icahn responded that he was already one step ahead of them. The two sides agreed on the Jan. 29 implosion date, which will come nine days after Trump himself leaves the White House.

The hotel has a storied history, having hosted numerous championship pro boxing matches, many of them attended by Trump.

It was one of three casinos Trump owned at one time or another in A.C., including the Taj Mahal — now the Hard Rock Casino — and Trump Marina, which is now the Golden Nugget.

There is no word yet of what Icahn plans to do with the property post-implosion.

The last Atlantic City hotel-casino to be imploded was the Sands property in 2007.

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