Sly moment cunning baccarat dealer steals chips worth $11000 from a gaming table at The Star …

A baccarat dealer who palmed $11,000 worth of chips from a Sydney casino has been sacked and convicted along with a worker who repeatedly overpaid a patron.

Richard Quach, who dealt baccarat at The Star Sydney, was caught red-handed on security camera footage in 2020 taking five chips off a gaming table and stuffing them into his sock.

The casino later established he had stolen $11,000 in gaming chips in one week.

He cashed out $6000 of those chips to play gaming machines inside the casino.

Quach was sacked by The Star and sentenced in a NSW court to a two-year community corrections order.

In another incident, Star employee Pharadorn Naweesakorn gave $6000 in chips to a customer in exchange for $1000 in cash.
Baccarat dealer Richard Quach shows his palms to the security cameras at The Star Sydney
He then covers his hand as he palms a chip in the security footage
Richard Quach reaches down to put the palmed chip into his sock
The Star Sydney where the thefts occurred

The Star later established Naweesakorn had made total overpayments of $20,000 to the same patron on four separate occasions.

He was also sacked and sentenced to a two-year community corrections order.

The gaming licences of the two men have been cancelled by the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

‘A casino special employee is a licensee engaged to supervise and facilitate gaming activities,’ ILGA chair Philip Crawford said in a statement.

‘These people help safeguard the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, serious misconduct or exploitation and a special degree of trust is placed in them.’

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