Short story for CA lotto people… So I am buying scratchers at the local 7/11 guy working there tells me a week ago he hit $1500 on a 2021 scratcher. Anyone else see a issue with this statement?

Learned my lesson on this over on the East Coast…was very naive by my “pals” at the gas station, they knew I was a dedicated player & after they caught on, they would either buy the ticket right after mine or I’ve even caught someone once slipping a ticket (they had to of know it would hit) that was in the middle of 3 I had gotten…I’ve learned to stick with machines, even though I rather despise them. I realized it after a while, they started being more obvious. Tried giving the workers a benefit of the doubt, trying to just chill & not disrupt any type of juju or “luck”, Idk.

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