Shopping for advice ????????

Alright, let’s begin by saying yes, a degen gambler and frequently will place $ on a casino game friend and myself have no idea about in order to ensure it is exciting — especially it comes to losing a bet, although bitter, I accept a loss for what it is — a loss. if it’s two shitty teams and a boring game to begin with.

When. That being said, when a written book will not explain and offer any information as to the reasons its a loss whenever clearly it is perhaps not, we have frustrated. This being the truth of late with Bodog and “Will Jasmine Sullivan forget or omit a word through the national that is anthem Super Bowl LV.

There are a few occasions where she omits a word and have asked Bodog to provide a transcript to the National Anthem; which you would assume would be pretty straight forward. They’ve refused to do so claiming they don’t have one. I then provided one for their approval to which they have refused to confirm explaining that it’s actually a party that is“third that chooses those wagers — does not really sound right, but yes. Then I asked for the party that is“third” info to contact and request a transcript from to understand why this is a loss. They refuse to provide that or even contact that “third party” to get one. At this true point it appears as if they’ve arbitrarily decided that this might be a loss.

OR they will not provide any information that may legally incriminate them ???????? And on that, wouldn’t you assume they’d be happy to provide the info in their favor if they weren’t in the wrong?

When reviewing the video ???? showing her clearly omitting lyrics — omit: intentionally or forgetfully leave out — and am being denied any reasonable explanation on how this is being called a loss, I have too, thought about taking action that is legal. It was a shot that is long hit at +800/+750 and obviously does not happen often – having looked at prior years/anthems.

Anyways, If a written book takes a bet, they need to have documents as to it being called the way in which it’s. Personally have actually about 16k in winnings with this and some buddies with probably another mixed 15k.

If anyone on right here provides way into just how to just take action that is legal this, or perhaps your ideas and views, all will be significantly appreciated.

Cheers so that as a newbie on Reddit, appreciate the city!


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