Same Names, Same Game, for 2021 College Football Betting Analysis

A clear difference shows between college football and any other sport. College football has the best regular-season but worst postseason of all. College Football Saturday in the regular season is like being a kid on Christmas. But the College Football Playoff resembles a rerun channel. Specifically, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State dominate with near regular appearances. Oklahoma isn’t far behind on that College Football betting status. Gamblers expect more of the same for 2021. Last season’s national championship game was the lowest-rated on TV since the format began. There should be odds on that continuing too!

2021 College Football National Championship

Date and Time: Season Opens on August 28, 2021

2021 College Football National Championship Betting Odds

Team Odds
Alabama Crimson Tide +300
Clemson Tigers +350
Ohio State Buckeyes +400
Oklahoma Sooners +800
Georgia Bulldogs +1000
LSU Tigers +2500
Texas A&M Aggies +3300
Texas Longhorns +3300
USC Trojans +3300
Florida Gators +4000
Notre Dame Fighting Irish +4000
Oregon Ducks +4000
North Carolina Tar Heels +4000
All Other Teams +5000 or higher

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2021 College Football National Championship SBG Odds Overview

In this situation, it’s hard to blame the public. Year after year, the same teams are making the College Football Playoff. And one glance at the recruiting rankings both for this year and the previous several show the same schools at the top. One of the great sportsbook ironies of betting futures is that it is often based on the past. Handicappers traditionally bet the winner(s) of last year to win the next year. In many cases, that is misguided. But in college football, that is a wise practice. The prices are high but so too is the probability.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Namely, head coach Nick Saban is the greatest coach in college football history. Saban has won six national titles at Alabama. Beyond that, he has done the impossible. Consider that the late great Alabama coach Bear Bryant was once considered the GOAT. And at Alabama, that status was deemed to be permanent. Alabama fans revere Bryant to this day. But everyone agrees that Saban is the best ever to patrol the sidelines. Above all, Saban wins in a more competitive era.

Saban uses what he calls the “process” for his dominance. To illuminate, he has every minute of every day planned out far in advance. He has built the Crimson Tide into a machine. Alabama has rated at the top of the national recruiting rankings since Saban arrived. Most important of all, Saban has shown the ability to adapt. When Saban arrived, Southeastern Conference teams played traditional ground and pound offenses. However, Saban saw the game was rapidly changing. Instead of fighting it, he adapted. Alabama now has the most sophisticated offense in the game.

Clemson Tigers

Yet another College Football odds powerhouse is the Clemson Tigers. Head coach Dabo Swinney, like Saban, is a recruiting machine. Counter to Saban, he brings a more easy-going style. Swinney has won two national championships in the last five seasons.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Starting with two playoff appearances in two seasons is Ohio State head coach Ryan Day earning trust. Day filled the large shoes of Urban Meyer without fear. Ohio State is a man among boys in the Big Ten Conference.

2021 College Football National Championship SBG Best Bet: Alabama Crimson Tide.

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