Russia is Accused of Hacking the Olympics Games

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  • The Summer Olympics have been officially postponed to 2021.
  • Officials within the UK claim they’ve caught Russia hacking the Olympic Games.
  • This hacking seems to be due to the Olympic ban on Russia for its doping programs.

The 2021 Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 23rd. It’s been an extreme challenge for the organizers of this event to postpone it for a year. News is now coming out that Russia is being accused of hacking the Olympic Games.

This isn’t the first time Russia has been involved with controversy surrounding the Olympics. It’s not the first time the country has been accused of hacking on a major scale, either. Today, we’ll look at exactly what Russia is said to have done.

Let’s get into it!

Japan is Still Preparing to Host the 2021 Olympic Games

Prior to 2020, the Summer Olympic Games have never been canceled for anything other than a major war. In March of this year, however, the organizers of this year’s Olympic Games realized things could not go on as planned. News eventually broke that the Games were being pushed back by a year.

This was a major blow to Japan and the IOC. Billions of dollars have been invested into hosting this massive event. Postponing the Olympics meant this money would not be made back. As a result, many people around the country began calling for the cancelation of the Olympics entirely.

Lawmakers here seemed torn on this subject. Some local leaders called on the government to scrap its plans to hold the Olympic Games. Others felt it should be held next year as a sign of global unity.

Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga recently announced that he supports holding the Olympic Games. This all but guaranteed the event will go on as planned. The 2021 Summer Olympics are currently scheduled to begin on July 23rd.

This is great news for many athletes around the world. There are still many questions surrounding how the Games will be held. No one knows how things will look by the time July rolls around and that’s making things extremely difficult for those tasked with hosting the Olympics.

News recently broke that Russia is being investigated for planning to hack the Olympic Games.

The UK Accuses Russia of Hacking the Olympic Games

Russia is known for its large-scale cyber-attacks around the world. Despite numerous allegations of this activity, the country doesn’t seem interested in changing its ways. This week, the UK National Cyber Security Centre accused Russia of hacking the Olympic Games.

This government body claims that Russia planned a cyber-attack on the Games as a way to disrupt the event. It’s an interesting development, yet not entirely surprising. Russia has been alleged to hack other groups looking into the country’s various state-sponsored doping programs.

As many know, these allegations led to the suspension of Russia from the Summer Olympic Games. Fortunately, it does not appear that these hacks had any major impact on the event. The IOC released a statement to The Guardian recently that better explains what has been found.

“Tokyo 2020 sees cyber security as an important aspect of hosting the Games, and the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has been taking a range of measures and making thorough preparations,” the statement said. “Although we are not able to disclose details of the countermeasures due to the nature of the topic, we will continue to work closely with the relevant organizations and authorities to ensure that they are thoroughly implemented.”

It’s not yet clear how Japan will respond to these new allegations. The government here claims it’s willing to punish Russia if these charges are made official. It will be interesting to hear as more updates on this situation are released.

Are International Sporting Events Taking Place Right Now?

It’s been a very tough year for those involved with the Olympic Games. In reality, though, all major sports leagues around the world have been facing issues this year. That includes international sporting leagues.

All major US sports leagues have resumed. Each of these leagues has taken their own path to get back on track. The UFC is one of the only leagues that has managed to hold events featuring athletes from around the world.

As many know, the promotion has been holding many of its events on “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi. This location allows the promotion to bring in its fighters based in different countries. UFC 254, which takes place this weekend, features a main event between a Russian and American fighter.

There are some international sporting events taking place right now. Travel restrictions remain in place around the world, though. Most parts of the world are still banning Americans from entering the country.

Hopefully, things improve by the time July rolls around. Everyone wants to see the Olympics take place next year. We’ll be sure to offer more information about Russia hacking the Olympic Games over the next few weeks.

Do you think the Olympics will need to be postponed again? Let us know in the comments section below!

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