Roulette Day 10

finished my flash spark for sandy! got rps 10×2, and… sandy came on both rolls + a europa dupe guest star. that got me up to 150 and since i’m not terribly interested in getting zodiac this year and i almost never spark on flashfest, i went ahead and finished the spark.

i need to preface this by saying that i think this is hilarious so no one feels worried? it was just an extremely bad spark.

in the first 150 draws… shiva bow dupe, kaguya (thank god), fire heles dupe, earth sara, europa spear dupe, sandy x 2

in the second 150 draws… amira dupe, water lecia.

(checks the inside of the box). yup, that’s it.

my calculator tells me that this was a whopping 3% rate. i’m actually laughing really hard, this has never happened to me before, bless. i ended up getting gk to complete grandy meme bingo, but yeesh, i hope that never happens to me again.

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