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Seasoned gamblers know that when heading out for an evening, or weekend, at a casino there is an etiquette to be followed. Experienced players know the tips and techniques to ensure they have an enjoyable, and profitable, time.

For total newbies and those less experienced, heading into a casino environment can seem extremely daunting. However this doesn’t have to be the case, new players shouldn’t expect to win a fortune, however coming away with a small profit is achievable. Remember for new players just breaking even means you’ve had a great evening and lost nothing!

In this article we are going to break it down and give insider top-tips and techniques to help ensure your experiences at a casino are always positive.

The Time You Choose To Play At Matters

We recommend heading to the casino during an off-peak time, this is great for less experienced players as the casino won’t be as rammed, meaning there will be far less intimidating spectators watching your place your bets. In the early evening, there will be more space on the floor, fewer drunken players to put you off, and more seats available at table games. To find out the perfect time to play slots or hit the jackpot go to

Ensure You Know The Specific House Rules

Every casino has its own specific set of house rules. Whether it’s restrictions on photography, dress code, or indoor smoking you must be up to date with the etiquette of the house before you enter. These rules are usually posted on the casino’s website or outside the establishment, if you are unsure ask the floor manager or an employee to guarantee you don’t upset fellow gamblers or security.

Make A Bankroll, Have A Strategy

This is nearly always the area where rookies go wrong. A bankroll is the amount of money you are willing to play with, this is your budget so take it seriously. Whether you’re just going for the evening or plan to be at the casino all weekend it’s vital you consider how much you are willing to lose should lady luck be against you. Once you’ve set your bankroll the next step is to determine the percentage range you’ll bet on each play. Our recommendation is to stay somewhere between 1-3%, this will keep your bets measured and disciplined. This may seem like a very low percentage, and the temptation is to place big bets and pray for a big return. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s for good reason that you’ll rarely see a professional bettor wager more than 1% of their bankroll…

Don’t Splash Your Cash As Soon As You Enter The Casino

The thrill and adrenaline of entering the casino can make you overexcited and want to start placing wagers instantly. This is a mistake. Walk around the establishment, assess the games they have on offer, and make a plan for your evening. Start small and find your rhythm, remember you have the whole evening ahead of you and you don’t want to blow your budget instantly.

Change Cash Into Chips

In a casino, you don’t place bets using cash you have to use the casino’s specific chips or credit system. Upon arrival at the casino, you’ll need to visit the cashier’s cage and exchange your cash for their chips. We highly recommend arriving with the amount of cash you are willing to spend, not only does this help you stick to your bankroll but it means you’ll dodge the extortionate rates that casinos usually put on their in-house ATMs. It may seem obvious but be sure to remember to cash out your chips at the end of the night!

Know Your Games

Before heading out research what games the casino has on offer. Once you’ve found some games that appeal to you look up the rules and maybe even a little betting strategy. Whether your game is poker, blackjack or roulette, we highly recommend practicing before your first visit, this will make more familiar with the game and therefore will make your first casino experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

This is a rule too often forgotten by seasoned casino lovers, a great hack for all players, old and new, is to watch your liquor intake! It is for good reason that many casinos are more than happy to be very generous with their free alcohol. This is because alcohol reduces your inhibitions and makes you far more likely to make silly mistakes and take fateful risks. For this reason, we highly recommend drinking in moderation.

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