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Random Board Game Roulette

Let’s try an experiment.

1) Do a d1000 roll on the header to get your random number. This is done by clicking “Add a Roll”, typing in d1000 in the box under the word “Roll”, and clicking “Add Roll”.
2) Go to that item on this list. A quick way to do this is to click “Titles Only”, which will put 250 items on a page. Click on the number, and it will take you to the item.
3) Comment on that item, and ONLY on that item. Say anything you want (but please keep it family friendly).
4) Play again if you would like to. You can do the roll in the header, or on the item you just commented on so you can create a kind of treasure hunt map through this list.

All entries for this list were randomly selected using the Random Game tool on the Browse dropdown menu. I didn’t include expansions – if an expansion came up, I used the base game instead. If people like this idea, this list will be expanded periodically to add new games.

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