r/poker memes – cartoon edition

The fake apologies in poker

Every (20%) time from r/poker

Poker players and Dunning Krueger

When you limp with 27o and the flop comes 2h7c7s from r/poker

Every time

Just person I was expecting from r/poker

It’s never my fault

All rags all the time from r/poker

Get it quietly people

“Im up 90000000 bb since quarantine started” from r/poker

It never works, but let’s try it again

When you limp… from r/poker

Focus on what you can control

Stupid brain from r/poker

Odds made simple

r/poker advice in a nutshell from r/poker

The few players who know where the money comes from

Don’t tap the tank. from r/poker

How to create a proper GTO range

Making ranges like from r/poker

The only way to play JJ

When the villian calls your JJ 3bet and the flop comes AK2 from r/poker

Understanding variance

If only that was a downswing from r/poker

Please stop with the facts

The poor guy from r/poker

For more meme magic we love the folks over at r/poker.

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Barry Carter

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