Prohibited casino store raided, five arrested in Nagoya

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Three individuals mixed up in procedure of an casino that is online have been arrested in Naka-ku, Nagoya for allowing computers to be used for gambling on baccarat.

According To police that is local 47-year-old employee Shuichi Nakamura is suspected of utilizing computer systems on the web casino store “LEAF” to gamble on baccarat with clients on 14 March. Two clients had been additionally arrested.

According to your authorities, three workers for the shop are suspected of often playing baccarat that is online the illegal casino and two customers are suspected of having gambled in the shop with them.

Police seized JPY1.23 million (US$11,200) in cash and 13 computers from the shop. The police have not disclosed whether the three employees have admitted to or denied the charges but the two customers are confirmed to have admitted to the charges.

The illegal casino shop is believed to have made nearly JPY1 million (US$9,000) a and the police are investigating whether the proceeds were used to fund gang activity.(* day)

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