Producer Spotlight: Are you stuck on your tune? The Guys at Finish My Track can help!

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Berklee College of Music graduates Nick Ditri and Daniel Boselovic, most known as their artist moniker Disco Fries, have taken the bull by the horns during COVID quarantine with a new endeavor that’s about to change the game for musicians and producers of all levels.

Drawing from their collaborations and work for the biggest names in dance and pop music culture of the past twenty years—including Tiësto, Bingo Players, Sony Music, Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, and more—Danny Boselovic and Nick Ditri have created FINISH MY TRACK, a new music service aimed to help producers at any skill level do EXACTLY that: Finish the music they’ve been dying to put out there.

Too often a producer or musician starts an idea with massive potential, only for it to fall by the wayside and end up in an ever-growing pile of unfinished, unreleased music, never to see the light of day. But now, with the services provided at FINISHMYTRACK.COM, you can pick and customize exactly what you need to help get your music ready for the world to hear.

“Over the past few years we’ve been privately working on music for label mates, friends, and peers in the industry and we felt it was time to offer our expertise on a larger scale, making it accessible to both working professionals and up-and-comers in the music industry,” says Ditri. “Many of our peers who have received disappointing results from mastering houses don’t realize their music just needed an extra touch before hitting that stage. FINISH MY TRACK aims to address any production tweaks that are necessary in a song before it goes through our mixing and mastering process so the final result is exactly what the artist intended.”

FINISH MY TRACK offers everything from song structure and production feedback to mixing and stereo mastering, or a completely customized production with live instrumentation, depending on your needs and creative vision. Gone are the days of wishing you could take your music the extra mile. Now with this service, the nuanced details that will elevate your song to the next level are conveniently at your fingertips with no corners cut.

Spotify founder Daniel Ek has been quoted telling investors on April 29, 2019 that “close to 40,000” tracks were being uploaded to Spotify every single day. With an already crowded music scene and some serious competition in the marketplace, it’s essential that your song stands out from the pack. FINISH MY TRACK will make sure your songs sound professional, radio-ready and able to compete in the digital/streaming market and on the dance scene with the best of them. Kick drums will cut through with punch and clarity while giving your bass room to sound fuller than ever and get people grooving on the dance floor or in their cars. Vocals will command the listener’s attention, giving them the urge to sing along, while supporting melodies will ring out with a sparkle like no other and have audiences humming them for days.

This is not a simple copy-and-paste service like some other sites advertise. This is an in-depth process that caters to the needs of the individual track, done by top-notch producers with a proven track record who are helping you create polished tracks with forward-thinking production every time.

“Working on countless projects with the FINISH MY TRACK guys, I know intimately their ability to take a great idea and make it come out of the speakers sounding better than we imagined it,” said revered DJ/producer and Brooklyn Fire label-owner, Tommie Sunshine. “That last bit of production and minutia is what gets your records played on the radio and by DJs all over the world. FINISH MY TRACK are the guys you need to call when it’s time to take your track to an elevated level.”

For a full list of services, along with samples of previously finished tracks that have been taken to the next level, visit: FINISHMYTRACK.COM

Clients include (in alphabetical order):

Armada Music, Enhanced Music, Hollywood Records, Hysteria Records, Interscope Records, MTV, Polydor Records, Republic Records, Shark / Ninja, SiriusXM, Sony Music, Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music Group, Zumba

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As a producer (Bingo Players) and a label owner (Hysteria Records) I think I have a good idea of what a solid finished production sounds like. The guys at FINISH MY TRACK have been a great resource to help artists finish the last twenty or so percent of their track before release. Their attention to detail is great and I’d highly recommend Finish My Track to anyone who is in need of production help or final tweaks.

—Maarten Hoogstraten a.k.a. Bingo Players // Hysteria Records

“These guys’ production skills are consistently top drawer and their innovative ideas take a good sound and production to next level excellence.”

—Dee Adam, Singer / Songwriter for Dido, Camelphat, Snake Hips

“I have known and worked with these guys for some time. There is a reason you see their work on streaming platforms and radio, it is done right.”

—George Hess, CEO of G5 Entertainment and US Label Representative for Armada Music.

“The attention to detail is what makes their production so powerful and clean. If anyone can polish and smooth out your record to make it hit the way it was intended to, it would be these guys. Do yourself and your record a favor and Get Familiar.”

—Clinton Sparks, Grammy Nominated & BMI Award Winning Producer & Songwriter



Disco Fries are platinum-selling, chart-topping music producers, consistently cranking out hits for over a decade and can be heard in heavy rotation on SiriusXM. They were producers on Tiësto’s first platinum single in the U.S., the massive party anthem “Wasted” featuring vocals from Matthew Koma. Their 2019 collaboration with VASSY, “Concrete Heart” went #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with its massive chords and moving, melodic groove. They’ve also been official remixers for Selena Gomez, Flo Rida and Katy Perry, among others. In the scope of entertainment, they maintain a stance on the cutting edge as investors in the insanely popular esports organization FaZe Clan and have a joint-venture with their publishing company Arkatone Music alongside Enhanced Music/SonyATV.



Track Assessment and Feedback – $100

Get detailed feedback and suggestions in a PDF regarding your track from experienced mix engineers and producers. Your comprehensive track analysis will include guidance on mixing, production choices, arrangement, and readiness for mastering.

Stereo Mastering – Starts at $200

Stem Mix and Master – Starts at $500

Additional Custom Production – Custom Quote

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