Prepare to lift your spirits with some Halloween Bingo!

The current pandemic has certainly taken its toll in terms of forcing events to either get cancelled or postponed for this year. With that in mind, residents of Sun City who have kept up to date on ongoing shows and events within the community may have taken notice to the Halloween BINGO event being held in the Drendel Ballroom on October 21. What makes this event stand out is that it will be the first time BINGO is being offered to residents during the entirety of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Based on information gathered from Sun City’s Lifestyles Magazine, there appears to be a 50-seating maximum limit set with only six people per table being allowed. Residents are also expected to register for the event beginning on October 1 and are to bring their own markers, as daubers will not be sold to limit the chance of exposure.

First Service Residential’s Lifestyle Manager, Melissa Hornick, alongside the Lifestyle department are responsible for the Halloween BINGO event as well as all other events hosted within Sun City. Despite there being some alterations to the game and prizes due to the limited capacity of residents participating and the prospects of sponsorships being unknown, residents may still be curious as to whether they will be safe to attend such an event.

According to SCCAH Board President, Dennis O’Leary, the Board of Directors has approved of First Service Residential staff to move forward with this trail run of BINGO ensuring all CDC guidelines are being followed to protect attending residents.

“Obviously all of the prescribed safety precautions (distancing, masks, disinfecting, etc.) will be in place. The event will be on a first come first served basis because of the separation restrictions. (Less people will be able to attend.) We are hopeful that our residents will feel comfortable to come and enjoy a little BINGO!” O’Leary said.

While unable to share more details regarding the event, O’Leary reiterates that the staff managing the event has been vigilant in upholding the spirit of Sun City by providing a fun event but also maintaining the wellbeing of residents as the number one priority.

The Halloween BINGO event will take place from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and will cost $14 per ticket. Boxed meals and water will be distributed instead of having the usual buffet lines.

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