PokerStars’ Ticket Machine goes BRRRRR

Throughout November, players at PokerStars have the chance to grab extra prizes by simply playing scheduled tournaments. The so-called Ticket Machine will bring daily giveaways with a massive total of $3M in tournament tickets to be won throughout the promotion.

No matter how you fare in the scheduled tournaments, you’re going to receive an entry for a daily giveaway, with a maximum of four per stake level per day. If your name is then drawn in one of the daily raffles, tournament tickets that are valid for 14 days will be credited to your account.

There are three different types of entry to the Ticket Machine draws, depending on the buy-in of the tournaments being played:

ticket machine pokerstars
Get your share of free tourney tickets!
  • Low: Buy-in from $5 to $20
  • Medium: Buy-in from $20.01 to $100
  • High: Any buy-ins above $100

The more entries you are able to get throughout a day—remember it’s four at max per stake level—the more likely you are to grab one of the tickets given away, with the details on possible prizes visible in the Ticket Machine tab in your Challenges Window.

Up to $15K waiting in the Mystery House

Halloween time also brought us another special promotion at PokerStars where things get a bit more spooky than usual at the virtual tables.

This time around they want to you to escape their Mystery House by finding keys to unlock rooms and make it to the exit with prizes worth up to $15,000 waiting on anyone who’s successful until November 1.

Find out more about PokerStars’ Halloween promotion

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