PokerBaazi’s October Line-Up For Cash Players Is Incredible

Considered to be one of the best online poker platforms in the country, PokerBaazi never disappoints when it comes to offering value heavy series and events for its players, also being consistent in coming up with creative cash festivals and events for the cash game players.

Shortly after the success of the Indian Micro Poker Series, PokerBaazi have announced a lucrative schedule for the month of October for cash players!

Starting October 5 and until November 15, the brand will be offering cash game enthusiasts up to 90% rakeback through the Baazi Rewards Program for six straight weeks.

Cash Dash 2.0:

The Cash Dash 2.0 is open for both NLHE and PLO cash game players. A massive INR 60 Lakhs in Leaderboard prizes is also up for grabs, divided equally into three 2 week sprints. All prizes will be awarded in RCB.

The series features two primary Leaderboards – NLHE and PLO. Each of the leaderboards will be further divided into two leaderboards across different stakes, namely, Low Stakes and Mid Stakes.

  • Dynamic Payouts: The innovative new leaderboards with “Dynamic” payouts are back. This means that while each Leaderboard features a fixed total prize pool, each paid position’s prize will vary based on the player’s contribution towards the total Baazi Rewards Points generated on that Leaderboard.

For example, let’s take the NLHE Mid-Stakes Leaderboard that features a ₹6 Lakhs prize pool and pays 30 places. If a total of 100,000 Baazi Reward Points are generated by the top 30 players on this Leaderboard, and the top-ranked player generates 25,000 points, then his payout will be calculated as 25,000/100,000 = 25% of the prize pool (₹6 Lakhs) = ₹1.50 Lakhs.

The NLHE Leaderboard pays out a guaranteed ₹8.5 Lakhs (₹2.5 Lakhs and ₹6 Lakhs) in RCB every two weeks, across the Low Stakes and Mid Stakes Leaderboards, whereas the the PLO Leaderboards vary in prizes for Low Stakes and Mid Stakes Leaderboards, with a prize pool of ₹2.50 Lakhs and ₹9 Lakhs, respectively. Overall, the PLO Leaderboard offers ₹11.5 Lakhs in prizes in every sprint.

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Cash Climb:

Cash Climb is also back for October! Running from 5th October – 15th November, the Cash Climb requires players to meet Baazi Rewards targets to earn RCB. The more targets they meet in a particular segment, the more cash they win from the Leaderboards.

The series includes mid-high stakes (₹50/₹100, ₹100/₹200, and ₹250/₹500) cash tables of both NLHE and PLO (4 and 5 card) variants across three stakes.

There are five target levels, each for PLO & NLHE – T1 to T5. Each target level features a cash prize, with prizes increasing in value as the target level increases. Players can claim all the prizes per game i.e., if a player is aiming for T3, then they can still claim T1 and T2. The points will reset every time they claim a prize, and they are not allowed to claim the same target level prize twice.

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PLO- 4:

A special event for 4-card PLO lovers, the PLO-4 boasts a leaderboard worth INR 15 Lakhs! The PLO-4 promotion will run three leaderboards from October 5th-18th, October 19th-November 1st, and November 2nd-15th, awarding ₹5 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes in each of them.

PLO-4 will also operate on a new scoring system! The top 25 players will be awarded INR 5000 in RCB while the Leaderboard topper will be awarded INR 80,000!

  • New Points System: Players will be awarded points based on the total number of hands they play on each stake – ₹10/₹25, ₹25/₹50, and ₹50/₹100. The value of each hand will increase as a player goes up in stakes. Only post-flop and non-heads-up hands will be counted for this promotion. At ₹10/₹25 stakes, players will get 1 point for every post-flop hand. This will increase to 2 points/hand at ₹25/₹50 and 2.5 points/hand at ₹50/₹100.

For example, If a player plays 10 hands at ₹10/20, 30 hands at ₹25/₹50, and 100 hands at ₹50/₹100 stakes, he will collect 320 points (10 + 60 + 250).

In the end, the player who has collected the most points will come out on top of the Leaderboard!

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