Poker Basics – Nits

The first step when reading hands is to categorize your opponents into distinct player types based on his playing style. Assigning a certain player type to your opponent will help you narrow down his range.

These lessons will teach you how to differentiate between the five most common player types and their fundamental characteristics. This information will be useful when adjusting to their playing style.

The nit

This type of player is only active with very strong hands and folds a great deal of the time

How do you recognize a nit?

Expect a strong range

Nits play regularly and will often be playing several tables at a time. They almost always sit at the table with at least 100BB. You can identify them through their tendency to play very few hands and to only show up with very strong hands at showdown, especailly when there has been a lot of action.

What range does a nit play?

The nit plays a small, tight and strong range.

How do you play against a nit?


When playing against nits, you can focus on the following points:

  • Attack their blinds whenever possible.
  • Be very careful when they wake up and give you action.
  • The value of hands with implied odds, especially pocket pairs, goes up against this opponent, because his stronger than usual range is more likely to pay you off when you make a monster hand.
poker hand

Continuation bets on the flop are often the only form of bluffing that a nit will commit to. If a nit bets the turn, you can almost always expect a strong hand. You should, therefore, get out of the way unless you have a very strong hand.

After betting the flop and turn, you usually cannot bet a hand like top pair top kicker for value on the river as you will very rarely be getting called by worse hands.

As soon as a nit raises you, you should only stick around and go broke with very strong hands, such as sets or better.

To learn more about the types of players you will encounter in poker check out this article or watch the video below:

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