Play Restaurant BINGO with S.Pellegrino and Tan France

If you can’t resist the thrill of a round of bingo, and you love dining out, you’re winning number’s just been called. That’s right, Restaurant BINGO has arrived with a month of digital takeout/delivery challenges.

For the next four weeks, until 11 March, S.Pellegrino and Netflix Queer Eye’s Tan France will be running brand new Restaurant BINGO game in the US. It’s an exciting new challenge, in which you can get involved by simply ordering at your favourite restaurants (delivery/takeaway or dine in) and joining in bingo-style challenges on Instagram, all in the name of charity.

“We’re thrilled to offer a fun way to safely enjoy a restaurant experience, while also supporting our long-time partner, the James Beard Foundation, and their Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans,” said Sara Mayer, senior marketing manager for S.Pellegrino.

Speaking about the launch, Netflix’s Queer Eye star and fashion designer, France, said: “Together, we’re giving our fellow food fans yet another reason to order from and support neighbourhood eateries through these chilly winter weeks, at a time when they need our help more than ever.”

Tan France for S.Pellegrino Restaurant Bingo

How do I play restaurant BINGO?

Over the next four weeks, France will unveil a new Restaurant BINGO board theme via Instagram
(@tanfrance), with four food-related challenges at the beginning of each week, as shown below. Each week will have a different theme, including ‘Food Love’, ‘Around the World’, ‘ABCs of Food’ and ‘Movie Moments’.

To play, all you need to do is claim a square on the weekly board by posting an original photo of your order (to Instagram stories or in-feed) that matches the challenge on that square using #SupportRestaurants, #promotion and tagging @sanpellegrino_us

So, whether you’ve dressed up for dinner at home, or you’re eating a burger in bed, here’s your chance to have some fun while supporting the industry. It really is winwin.

For each eligible submission, S.Pellegrino will donate $1 to the James Beard Foundation to support the James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans (“Fund”), up to $50,000.

A new board will be released each Friday, so keep your eyes peeled, and think how you’re going to get creative.

Week One

12 February to 18 February – Food Love

S.Pellegrino Restaurant Bingo_week 1

Week Two

19 February to 25 February – Around the World

Week Three

26 February to 4 March – ABCs of Food

Week Four

5 March to 11 March – Movie Moments

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