Paraguayan Soccer Player Faces Ban after Partial Penis Exposure

A Paraguayan soccer player literally got caught with his pants down during a recent match, where he may have partially exposed his penis after celebrating a goal. Guarani striker Raul Bobadilla scored late in the game to give his club a 3-2 aggregate victory over Libertad last week. He then began his wild celebration.

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Raul Bobadilla

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Soccer player Raul Bobadilla of Paraguay faces suspension after cameras caught him partially exposing his penis after scoring a goal. (Image: Getty)

It started with the 33-year-old ripping off his shirt as he ran to the sidelines. That earned him an automatic yellow card under FIFA’s laws of the game.

Then Bobadilla decided to extend his antics by pulling down his shorts, which led to the partial exposure of his member. Referees only saw the backside of Bobadilla and did not issue a red card, and talk of a cover up by officials was quickly dismissed. Cameras that broadcasted the match, however, picked up Bobadilla’s limp attempt at a Full Monty and soon the images exploded onto social media.

Bobadilla tried to make light of the situation when talking to reporters a day after the match.

“I regret my celebration,” Bobadilla said. “I hope my wife didn’t see it. She should remain calm. It’s all for her.”

Officials Not Laughing at Bobadilla’s Judgment Shortcoming

Bobadilla could face a lengthy ban after the Paraguay Football Association (APF), who opened an investigation into the incident. APF Raul Prono said no decision has been made on Bobadilla’s future.

“We have begun official proceedings, as we didn’t receive any written complaints or anything from the referee,” Prono told reporters. “We got information from the internet, newspapers, and tapes, and they led us to this inquiry., and we have notified Raul Bobadilla, and he has three days in which to appeal.”

What might save Bobadilla from severe punishment is that the refs didn’t see it and issue a red card. That would have led to an automatic suspension.

Another Paraguayan Player Punished for Penis Antics

This is the second Paraguayan player to be disciplined for failing to keep his hands off his manhood. In March, Olimipia’s Jorge Recalde received a four-match ban for grabbing his crotch after celebrating a goal.

Junk-related incidents are becoming all too casual in the sport of soccer. Last month, Preston’s Darnell Fisher of the England Football League, was handed a three-game suspension for grabbing the genitals of an opponent during a match.

Fisher originally denied the charged, but it was picked up by video. His manager, Tony Pulis was furious about his player’s conduct.

“I think what the lad did was ridiculous really,” Pulis said. “Did he do it for Callum to react and try and get the kid sent off? That’s the only reason I can think why he did it. But it is ridiculous and something that should not happen in professional sport and fingers crossed we won’t see it again.”

The most egregious incident, however, happened in February when a French amateur player received a five-year ban in February for biting a player’s member during an altercation. The resulting wound required 12 stitches to close.

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