Pacers VS Pistons First Half Bet Problem

Whats up Guys

First of all sorry for my English, im not a native speaker. I had a bet on yesterday´s first half game of Pacers vs Pistons, I had Pistons ML and they did pay me out on a 53-52 pistons win, I then proceed to bet the whole money on a different bet.

What happened next is that I lost the second bet ( full bankroll), but then I got a message from my book that I owed them money from the first half bet since it was a tie not a win ( I had Pistons ML 3 way option ( if draw you lose) , stupid bet i know, i didnt realize till later). I had a negative balance on the book

I ve never experienced anything like it, it wasnt until mid 3Q that the first half score was modified.

Have any of you experienced anything like it? This might be the worst bad beat i ve experienced haha.

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