Oops, Georgia Lottery can’t find a C8 Corvette to award man who won ‘Corvette and Cash’ game

By Kate Northrop

A Georgia man who won the top prize of a C8 Corvette in a scratch-off lottery game is having trouble claiming his prized car, as the Georgia Lottery is unable to locate a car to award him.

Dennis Kahler did not get what he bargained for after playing and winning the “Corvette and Cash” scratch-off game for $5. After discovering that his ticket would earn him the top prize of $250,000 plus a Corvette, the Georgia Lottery found itself in a bind when it could not locate a single dealer who could supply the car.

In a discussion on CorvetteForum, Kahler said the Lottery sent him a letter confirming the prize he was owed. Not only would he receive a $250,000 cash prize, but the Lottery would award him a Corvette valued up to $107,000. Kahler would then receive the difference between the final cost of the car and the remaining $107,000.

The fact is, C8 Corvettes are sold out everywhere, which has car enthusiasts and lottery players alike scratching their heads and wondering why the Lottery did not strike a deal with Chevrolet to reserve a car in the first place.

“I already know what I want — a 2LT,” Kahler told CorvetteForum, a Rapid Blue 2LT Z51 to be exact. The specific build has an MSRP of $80,465, which falls under the $107,000 that the Lottery allotted for his prize car and granting him $26,535 in additional cash.

However, Kahler’s case got a bit more convoluted. The good news is that the Lottery was able to work out a deal with car dealership Five Star Chevrolet. The bad news is that they did not mention that they would charge $10,000 over the MSRP.

Dealerships are well within bounds to mark up cars however they like, but Kahler was not willing to lose out on the extra $10,000 that he would receive as part of his cash prize.

“I used to be a general sales manager for a dealership, so I know the way things operate,” he said. “I’m not giving up the money on my purchase by using them.”

Kahler was able to find dealerships who would sell him the car without the markup Five Star Chevrolet was giving him. He got in touch with Master Chevrolet, who said they could offer him a C8 Corvette at MSRP, but he would have to wait until the third quarter in 2021 to receive it. It’s common for those ordering the latest model to have to wait a while for the car to be delivered, but it’ll be a long time before Kahler would receive his seeing as how the car is currently sold out everywhere.

Next time, the Lottery might think twice about promising a sought-after car without coming to an agreement with a dealership first.

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